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Welcome to RECOLLECT

Bondi Icebergs 1938Members Register 1943-1952Bondi Icebergs 1933The first women to sign up to become Bergs, 1995Bondi Icebergs Open Day 1995Open Day 06.05.2018


Welcome to our Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club chronicles where we share stories, past and present.

The images and documents you find here will tell you a lot about us, the swimming club known as the Home Of Winter Swimming.

It is an interactive site where we seek your input. Share with us your knowledge and help others get to know more about the people, events and dates within.

Please feel free to register to the site and add more information and content to anything you find. You can create your own collections and add tags.

Why not take a “BERGS” journey, click on “Face the water”.


Icebergs90thBday_200719_YMund-346National Titles Dash For Cash 15.09.2018BIC_Deck Day_25.06.2017-51BIC Reunion Day 20170053BIC Reunion Day 201721_WIX3686Open Day 2016ReunionsScanned Archived ImagesIcebergs90thBday_200719_YMund-444Ladies away swim 03.06.2018Ladies away swim 03.06.2018_70A5143ReunionsSERC 2017BIC_Opening_Day_07.05.2017_405Open Day 2016National Winter Swimming Titles 16.09.2018Reunion Day 2010BIC_Opening_Day_07.05.2017_05319_BRG5534Open Day 2016Icecubes Presentation Day 24.11.2019001324_WIX3689Scanned Archived ImagesIcebergs90thBday_200719_YMund-405ReunionsBIC_Opening_Day_07.05.2017_159Open Day 06.05.2018_70A5083Old framed photographsNational Titles 2011BIC Reunion Day 2017BIC Open Water Challenge 01.05.2021BIC_Southern_Mets_04.07.2017_075Australia DayAustralia DayBIC_Opening_Day_07.05.2017_326Open Day 2016ReunionsBIC_Opening_Day_07.05.2017_004ReunionsBIC_Opening_Day_07.05.2017_012BIC_Deck Day_25.06.2017-122BIC_Southern_Mets_04.07.2017_105City to Surf day CFIcebergs90thBday_200719_YMund-569National Titles 2008